Real Detroit gives Sista Otis'
"Charmed" 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

- Ashley C. Woods, Real Detroit


"She has enough power to fuel a fire and
enough soul to make James Brown proud."

- Rachel May, Detroit News


"Otis' catchy melodies are keeping the crowd either dancing on their feet
or grooving in their barstools. More curious bystanders, once peering in the large
glass window from the bustle of Frenchmen sidewalks, now fill in haphazardly to get
a listen. A true entertainer, Otis makes the audience an active and vital part
of her stage show In between songs, she repeatedly strums one chord and shares
bits of bohemian philosophy, political commentary, and witty sentiments
to keep her crowd howling and laughing."

-Carolyn Heneghan, Where Y'at New Orleans


"Getting an audience out of their chairs is easy to Otis."

-Tim Brouk, Lafayette, Indiana Journal and Courier


"Her name and Detroit Pedigree set some big expectations. Happily, Sista Otis
manages to over deliver. Sista serves up Janis Joplin-inspired 1960s Rock mingled
with flavors of funk, soul, and urban folk in socially conscious songs."

-Mark Davis, The Advocate


"Taking cues from her favorite songwriters -- including
Melissa Etheridge, Janis Joplin, and Sista Otis -- Crystal Bowersox brought a relaxed,
folksy vibe to the ninth season of American Idol."

— VH1, VH1


"I am very excited that Sista Otis will be opening for Blues Travler"

- Blues Travler Staff, Blues Travler


"Also hailing from the Midwest, Detroit to be exact, is Sista Otis with the
feverish fervor of a faith healer. Otis rolls through a series of songs
that sound as if she were baptized in funk, modern rock and the blues,
Bringing the listener to the brink of testifying."

-Gregg Shapiro, Windy City(Chicago)Times


"Hey, soul Sista - Otis is finding her spot on the national radar burning a
little brighter. Her raw, honest, folksy, bluesy, gospel gumbo of rock 'n' roll
fits perfectly on the streets and clubs of her hometown, New Orleans,
but the Detroit native is never too far removed from her
home away from home - Myrtle Beach - and she's here in concert tonight."

— Paul Grimshaw, Weekly Surge South Carolina


"Sista Otis has got to be one of the best songwriters to hit Detroit in a very long time."

-Aimee Spencer, Real Detroit


"One listen leaves little doubt that Otis is on her way out of
the shadows of the gritty, "urban folk" genre she helped create and on
her way into the mainstream. But that's OK. Perhaps it's the
mainstream that needs this prophetess most of all."

-Jason Michael, Between The Lines


"Worldwide Release holds the potential as the record that can break open
the national scene for Sista Otis. And it's a great album, full of the variety
and depth that Otis is known for. Each song sounds fresh and different
from each other, a feat not often accomplished by music groups
either through fear or inexperience."

-Lucie Bourgeau, The South End


"A maverick artist packing rooms across the Midwest, exalted by critics"

-BRIAN MCCOLLUM, Detroit Free Press